Our Week At School!

On Monday we did Maths where we were learning about translations and rotations. In art we looked at South American tribes and how they drew pictures. Using their style we produced pictures in a fusion of colours. We had to solve the problem of making a bridge over a gap in the desks so that a toy car could go over it. All we got to use were straws and paper clips ! 4 of the P7 Boys and 2 P6’s went to a football tournament and played really well. They ended up 3rd in their group.

On Tuesday we started to study Brazil. We looked at the weather in Brazil and compared it to the weather we get here in Pencaitland. In P.E we are doing a block on gymnastics with routines for 1 person or groups of people. We also did French and we had a look back at what we had done in the past year.

On Wednesday we started to learn about the bible. We looked at the Old and New Testaments and started to look at how to work out Bible references. After that we watched a video on Brazil – it was about the beach and Brazilian culture and the best cities. Then we went down to the hall to do keep fit, and we got to build our own activities out of mats, benches, cones etc. In the afternoon we went to do music where we played recorder and played a music game with the drumsticks.

On Thursday we looked at different Burns poems which we will be learning for homework ,and we worked out what we are going to do for the Scottish week assembly. Our class are doing a section on traditional Scottish playground games. We did some more work on Brazilian weather and this time looked at the floods and mudslides that are happening right now in Brazil. We also did some comprehension work based on the Harry Potter actor which was good fun.

On Friday (today) we went to assembly where we were practising singing song for next weeks Scottish assembly (Flower of Scotland & 500 miles) and Mrs McCall talked about everybody helping others when they need help. We also did Brazil revision were we had to match the countries to their positions in South America and find the capital city of each country and pick out their flags. 10 of our class were away today at a swimming gala.

The 2 Jacks !

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