We’re Back ………

Well the holidays are over and it’s back to school. The best bits this week (of course, we did all the normal stuff like maths, writing, and art) were having the SSPCA in to talk to us. They showed us some of the equipment they used to catch animals and showed us some things that a bad man used to trap wild birds so he could sell them. The Hearts football man came in on Wednesday and we did more football training which is always good. When brass was on we did some problem solving. We had to make a tent that could be folded up and was big enough to stand an action man up in. We only had certain material to use and that was a good laugh. The best bit of the whole week though was getting to set up our own learning logs on Edubuzz. Its great getting to get them to look how you want. We will start putting stuff on them next week.

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Kym & Isla

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