Our Week In Words (and pictures)

Its been a busy week what with World Maths Day, World Book Day and an authors live with Eoin Colfer.  We have spent the week finishing our algebra with inequations (< and >, means less than and greater than !). In problem solving we made a postcard stand out of selected materials. It had to hold 10 postcards. In art we made Amerindian necklaces out of clay with our names carved into them in native American symbols. Later on in the week we painted them up. We also took photos of them and added them onto our learning logs so we now know how to add photos. On Tuesday of course we started to go onto World Maths day which is a world wide site to help improve your maths. You are randomly selected to join other people around the world and answer different math questions before anyone else. We also typed up on the computer about bible references which we had found then used them to create pictures to go with them. P5/6 had pinched our hall slot this week so we got to go out and try more skipping – doing lots of different skipping activities. On World Book day we listened to an authors live event with Eoin Colfer. He was really funny. We also wrote our own P7 Artemis Fowl story (we all wrote a page) set in Pencaitland and designed a costume for Holly and gadgets for the LEP to use. Anyway see the photos for a really busy week.

Tom, Caitlin & Johnny.

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