Judo with Euan Burton

After the excitement of King Loth on Monday, the children were, once again, on cloud 9 after meeting, and training with, our Olympic judo hope Euan Burton. In his childhood Euan  attended Pencaitland Primary School and it was good to see him back today to talk about his earlier life and what it takes to be a successful judo competitor. After an informative and lively Q & A session, Euan led the primary 7’s on a training session to learn one throw and one hold (in a safe manner!)  The children loved the chance to rub shoulders with an Olympic hopeful and we wish Euan all the best in 2012.

Mr Cain

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2 Responses to Judo with Euan Burton

  1. loopy R says:

    i liked the fact we got free T-shirts and Euan signed my
    T-shirt but it came out in the wash!

  2. Jilly(Rowans mum) says:

    Rowan really enjoyed the Judo session this week.She came in from school and said it was great and she wanted to start Judo-Euan obviously made a lasting impression!!
    It’s great to see such success from past students of Pencaitland Primary.
    Rowans Auntie Vhairi went to school with Euan-it was fantastic to hear that he was back sharing his experiences with our future stars!!
    Thank-you Euan!!

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