Samba, Football & Genetics

It’s been a fab week. We have finished our topic on Brazil and learned what it’s like in the rainforest and how deforestation is causing such danger to the wildlife. We completed our rainforest display with nets and paper mache animals and things. We also started to learn samba dancing like they have in the Rio carnival. We will do more next week  and put on a show for some other classes. Then we did an assessment on what we had learned about Brazil on the computer pods that link to the whiteboard.  What else did we do this week – decimals in maths, we tried to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and jelly babies (tasty and fun), we had a coach from Hearts to do more football coaching and we started learning about genetics. We looked at different species, then recipes for cakes and then recipes for us with DNA and genes. We did a webquest on the laptops to find out more about DNA, genes, chromosomes and stuff. What a week.

Rowan & Sophie

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