Health Week

We have done loads this week. We finished off our forces topic by looking at speed by having races with balloons attached to straws and whizzing them along a thread. We also did experiments with circular force (the one that pushes you into the car door when you drive round a corner) by making pencil spinners and spinning corks which moved weights up. We put all we had learned into looking at rollercoasters. We tried adjusting different things to see if we could make a working one on the computer and then made our own out of junk.

In health week we walked with the nursery, power-walked with the whole school, checked how good were at washing our hands, had an outside keep fit session, made and presented powerpoint presentations on unusual sports (wife carrying and camel wrestling were the best!), played ultimate frisbee (until it got lost in the woods!), and did some Tae-bo aerobics (a mix between dance and boxing). Also Mr McBean came in and told us about the body and lungs and even measured how much air was in our lungs. The Glasgow Science Centre came in and did a show about the science of sport and in the afternoon we got to try out exhibits. And if that’s not all we have PHAT Friday when we have 4 “healthy” activities to do. We need our holidays!!

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