Hello – from the new P7’s

We have been learning about forces in our new topic – theme parks. We did an experiment where we had 3 different materials – wool, thread and fishing line, 2 chairs, a dusty old sweeping brush, a big bottle and finally a bucket . We put the chairs on a table and the brush on top. We first tied wool to the bottle and the bush handle. Mr Cain chose people to fill up a jug and pour it into the bottle. The wool stretched the most as the bottle was filled and then we did the same for thread and fishing line. The fishing line was the strongest. It had the biggest tensile strength! We also used pegs to stretch and tear different materials. The plastic stretched the most. We have also written a first draft of “Big” like the old film which was set in a theme park. We played games and sang “Eye of the Tiger” and “We Will Rock You” at singing practice. Its been a busy week.

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by Lucy and Mollie  (expert P7 bloggers)

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7 Responses to Hello – from the new P7’s

  1. lucyr says:

    i really enjoyed the first week of school !

  2. Lee-Erin's mum says:

    Haha- no smart comments please….from Erin’s mu!

  3. Lee - Erin's mu says:

    Hello P7’s- Good Luck and have fun at your assembly on Friday. I’m afraid I can’t come to this one however I’m sure Erin will remember all her lines!!!!……we’ve practiced so hard I think I could say them off by heart now…..

  4. Nicola (maya's mum) says:

    Big is a great film! Look forward to your assembly next week too

  5. Nicola Anderson says:

    *sorry Mr Cain meant ‘looking’

  6. Nicola Anderson says:

    Hi Nicole
    I’m lookin forward to the assembly next week, it sounds fab.


  7. Maya` says:

    Oh yeah that was fun Just doing my boring home work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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