School Camp

Follow the link to some of our camp photos……..

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12 Responses to School Camp

  1. Ellis imrie says:

    I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally enjoyed camp it was amazing!!!!!!! My favourite activity was the 3g swing it was really scary and fun at the same time .I was screaming all the way through it, the food was really nice as well:}

  2. Nicole says:

    I had an amaaaaaazing time at camp love to do it all again

  3. cole says:

    it was great but not all pics were showed

    • Dave Cain says:

      That’s because we took so many photos that I would have exceeded the monthly upload limit if I had put them all on. I have some more which I will add later!
      Mr Cain

  4. rachel e says:

    camp was soooooooooooooo fun, i loved the zip wire it was the best, the food was great to i want to go again but for longer this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rachel Egan P7

  5. Angie (Alex's Mum) says:

    The photos of camp look fab. What a great week to have a Birthday Alex!

  6. Alex M P7 says:

    Camp was amazing. The 3G swing was fantastic, wish we could do it everyday! Alex M

  7. Anna Murray says:

    Looks like you all had fun. Yummy cake Alex!

    Anna and Auntie Joyce, Portsoy

  8. lucy r says:

    i loved camp especially the zipwire! 🙂

  9. lesley morison says:

    wonderful pictures telling the story of the school camp with exciting activities for enthusiastic participants. Well done everyone!
    from the morison grandparents, Aberdeen.

  10. katie ramsay says:

    CAMP WAS REALLY FUN! My favourite activity was the zip line or 3G swing.
    The food was really nice there.

  11. Nicola (maya's mum) says:

    Brilliant photos, looks like you all had a great time and are much braver than me!
    Maya’s mum

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