Scottish Parliament Comes To P7 Pencaitland

On Wednesday afternoon Mrs Slater came to P7 to talk to us about the Scottish Parliament. She was impressed about how much we knew about the different parties and things like devolved and reserved matters.  She told us how the elections worked. We made different parties like the computer party, the school party, the music party and others and we all made manifesto’s which are promises that the party makes to the voters that they will do if they win. After that we all had a vote and in the end it was a draw between the music and sport parties. We did what they do in real life and tossed a coin and in the end the music party won. We also learned how to have a debate with a presiding officer to keep order. He got to hit the gavel and shout “order”. We debated whether we should have a school uniform and got to vote agree / disagree / abstain. In the end we voted to keep school uniform. It was fun and we are looking forward to seeing some MSP’s next week.

This week we have also been trying out our assembly, played rugby, did more accelerated reading and did some measuring in maths.                                [nggallery id=26]

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2 Responses to Scottish Parliament Comes To P7 Pencaitland

  1. kira cran says:

    i really enjoyed school camp and liking p7 so far.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. Claire says:

    If you’d like a talk from a parent who works in the Parliament, I work for the official report, which is the Scottish Parliament’s equivalent of Hansard at Westminster. We produce substantially verbatim reports of parliamentary proceedings – the official record of what was said in Parliament and by whom.
    Claire (mum of P5 pupils Joe and Finn)

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