MSP’s, Sonsie Music & Our Class Assembly

What a week. It started with a visit from Chick Brodie, a MSP from the Scottish parliament who came in talk about his job. We learned lots about what a MSP does and even a bit about his car that went on fire! We also did some work about democracy where different groups had to design a children’s parliament but some had a dictator and other groups where we had to vote on absolutely everything. On Wednesday we used the laptops to explore a Scottish parliament website and found out lots of stuff on MSP’s debating and committees. And we had great fun doing loads of measuring in the school garden. On Thursday Sonsie Music came in (a man and a woman) and we built shakers – it was messy! We then played some music and got to sing a rainforest chant. Our class even had to fit all that round playing rugby.

Today (Friday) we did an assembly about some of the things we had learned about democracy.  The show featured two sketches. Sketch one was based on the Greek myth about King Midas (played by Calvin Sellwood), in which King Midas went on a game show called Greed Or No Greed.  Eventually King Midas won a wish prize and wished for a golden touch. Then his son (played by Robert Scott-Fleming) got angry with him and the Sovereign mistakenly turned him and the rest of his family to gold. He learned not to be greedy but think of others. In sketch two, 4 girls couldn’t do their maths homework and lots of superheroes turned up but couldn’t help. In the end, another boy (played by Euan McNaughton) helped them. The girls learned that anyone could be a hero if they helped others. Everyone said the assembly was great.

by Robert.

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3 Responses to MSP’s, Sonsie Music & Our Class Assembly

  1. katie ramsay says:

    IT WAS REALLY FUN DOING THE ASSEMBLY!:)I was in the second sketch
    KATIE P7 :):):):):)

  2. Nicola Anderson says:

    Really enjoyed the assembly it was great fun.

  3. Fiona Sellwood says:

    Well done everyone on your fabulous assembly. It is obvious how hard you all worked. I especially enjoyed the king midus sketch 🙂
    keep up the good work!!
    thanks again 🙂

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