Fiona O’Donnell Visits P7

This week we have had lots of exciting things to do. First of all Fin and Joe’s Mum came in and spoke to us about her job as a official Reporter. We took note’s for our Democracy test later in the week. We did our assessment with the Activote’s . Hope we didn’t fail! On Thursday are local MP, Fiona O’Donnell came to visit P7’s and spoke to us about her job as an MP. We asked her questions and she told us what it was like to be in the debating chamber. We have also been looking at what we are good at and making our own personal coat of arms. We had to put 2 bearers, a motto, symbols and a crest to do with what we think we are good at. (We haven’t finished them yet but we are looking forward to finishing them.) In maths we have been learning about scale and we started to design a new classroom for when we come back after the holidays.

from Super Joseph & Mega Sophie

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3 Responses to Fiona O’Donnell Visits P7

  1. kira cran says:

    i enjoyed the rugby last week looking forward to be going to ross high on friday.

  2. kira cran says:

    hi i enjoyed last week and looking forward to this week . x

  3. katie ramsay says:

    it was quite a fun week

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