It’s the Holidays!

This week we started of with a new topic on Islam. We have been learning about the five pillars and we have learned about the first two so far. The second pillar is about prayer and muslims have to pray 5 times a day. Before they pray they have to have a wash. One of our class did a demonstration on how they have to wash and got very wet. We realised the prayers and the washing must take up a lot of time.                                                               Chris Ewing came in to do a Karate demonstration – it was very fun. In art with Mrs Blair we made Halloween masks. They were all very different but very good. There was glitter everywhere. On Thursday we got a photographer in to take a picture of the school in the shape and colours of the Olympic rings. We had to go out before the rest of the school to try and mark out the circles. We also had rugby and got very dirty. In maths we finished our measuring section with some measuring of volume outside (that was wet too!) Its been a great week and we all can’t wait for the hollidays. 🙂

Erin & Kira – Mega bloggers of the week.

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