Humpty Dumpty, WW2 & Transition

The terrible fate of Humpty Dumpty, the start of World War 2 and a transition event at Ross High. All in a weeks work for Primary Seven. The week started on a high with the visit of a drama specialist to work with the class. The terrible fate of Humpty Dumpty gives P7 a chance to polish up their drama skills in advance of their P7 show, a chance to work with a proper play script and it deals with the theme of peer pressure which is an important subject with an imminent move to secondary school coming up. This week saw the start of our WW2 topic and we discovered how the war started (and produced newspaper articles from the day in 1939 when war was declared) and made a timeline of the important dates from the conflict. On Friday we visited Ross High as part of the transition programme where we put our “friend-making” skills to the test. Meeting up with other P7’s from other primary schools we had a fun morning playing a variety of sports and games. We all made new pals – especially Sarah from Saltoun !!

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Mr Cain

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2 Responses to Humpty Dumpty, WW2 & Transition

  1. Cherry says:

    Hi did all my homework on Friday.
    I get so bored on weekends.
    (hope Mr Cain gives me perfect homework this week I tried really hard on it focusing especially on the colour my coloured things never please Mr Cain so I took it to a whole new level)

  2. katie ramsay says:

    tHE drama was really FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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