This week has been full of PIPs tests. All children in P1, P3, P5 & P7 have to do these from schools all over Scotland. There were Maths, Science and English tests. There was also one where Mr Cain had to read out words and we had to tick the picture that matched the word. And another where you had to find sets of dots in pictures with more dots. Poor Elliot was off this week so he’ll have to do them all next week.

We had the second half of our Humpty Dumpty drama which was fun. We got to act out the drama from the script with the drama specialist.  In our topic we learned about what it was like during the WW2 blitz and looked at how they made Anderson shelters and wrote Blitz poems. In art we made poppies and started to create a big scene for our blitz poems to go on. Miss Blaikie came in when Mr Cain was away at a meeting and we finished our concentration camp figures. In maths we kept on drawing types of graphs to show the answers that we had got from the fireworks survey. We also had an assembly about Rememberence day.

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Alex & Joseph

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3 Responses to PIPS

  1. Alext says:

    yeah the video was really good i really like doing WW2 + very intresting

  2. lucyr says:

    I really enjoyed learning about ww2 so far =-)

  3. katie ramsay says:

    i liked lerning about the blitz and watching the video about it even know it was quite sad.

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