P7 Visit the Flight Museum

On Monday the class went to the Museum of Flight to find out what East Fortune was like in WW2. It was very interesting. Our guide was a woman called Laura and she showed us around East Fortune. We had a look around Concorde first and the exhibits about it. Then we went to the education hut and got a taster of what would of happened when you joined or got conscripted to East Fortune. We did some drill and tried on bits of WW2 uniforms. After our snack we went to try some interactive activities like building an engine, stitching up an airship with big gloves on and trying to find German submarines from directions given by spotters. There was also a film about life in East Fortune during the war. Then we went into a big hanger and saw a Spitfire and a German Komet. Laura told us stuff about each plane and then we got to see and feel lots of different clothes the pilots would have worn. In the afternoon we went to the big interactive zone. It had loads like plane simulators, paper plane launchers, reaction timer, hot air balloon simulator, plane balancer and loads more. After that we went for a quick go on the assault course park and then got on the bus to go home. Over all it was a really good day and the whole class enjoyed it. It was a pity the shop was closed but I suppose we can’t have everything.

by Calvin and Arran

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3 Responses to P7 Visit the Flight Museum

  1. rachel e says:

    i loved the trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was really good. The best bit was the interactive zone. it was soooooooooo good. the best trip yet!!!

  2. katie ramsay says:

    it was fun i liked the interactive bit best

  3. Nicola Anderson says:

    Another great school trip, I had a fab day. The best bit for me was seeing Concorde, I would love to have flown on it to America.

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