WW2 Light Pictures

Here are our World War 2 light pictures we created using just torches. Hope you enjoy.  The First one shows German bombers flying over fields as seen from above, the second one is a concentration camp, the 3rd one shows an evacuation, the 4th is VE day celebrations and 5-7 show the blitz. Hope you enjoy. P7




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9 Responses to WW2 Light Pictures

  1. Mrs Archibald says:

    Hello Primary Seven.
    I teach P7 at King”s Park Primary School and we are studying WWII. I also help our media group to experiment with photography. I love your pictures and think you have been very creative. They have given me fantastic ideas to try with my own class,\

    Thank you for posting them.

    Mrs Archibald

  2. Olivia Ford says:

    They look really cool. They look really realistic aswell.

  3. Kira cran says:

    Yeah it’s Christmas soon I really enjoyed primary seven so far xx

  4. alext says:

    yeah we used long exposure my groups the one with the moon in the back. it took ages to make templates. i want to do that every monday 🙂

  5. Ms Lewis says:

    Well done Primary 7 I think your light pictures look amazing. What a great idea 🙂

  6. Mrs Robertson says:

    These look amazing P7!

  7. Sheila Averbuch says:

    Cool! Did they stand still while other people moved the torches, and you used a long exposure?

    – Sheila Averbuch

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