WW2 “Make do & Mend” Fashion Show

We wanted to show the school how hard it was for children during WW2. Clothes were rationed so they couldn’t just go out and buy new clothes if their old one’s got damaged or too small. Instead they had to borrow hand me downs from parents or older brother or sisters, repair old clothes as best they could or try to make new clothes out of other materials such as curtains or bed-clothes. We made up costumes and organised a make do and mend fashion show for the rest of the school. Sorry some of the photos are a bit blurry but the camera wasn’t very good at action shots.

[nggallery id=37]

Patrick & Alister


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4 Responses to WW2 “Make do & Mend” Fashion Show

  1. Olivia Ford says:

    The outfits look great. it looks like you put a lot of effort into them. the rest of the school looked like they enjoyed them too.

  2. alext says:

    NO photos of me!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  3. benl says:

    yeh same i really enjoyed the show ha its better than maths 🙂

  4. Ellis says:

    I really enjoyed the fashion show, it was embbarrasing at some points but still fun.My costume was a little bit itchy though:]

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