Xmas Lunch, Infant Nativity, Movie Storyboards & Animated Storybooks

It’s been a really busy week. Our main theme for this week was learning about movie storyboards and animated storybooks but we also had to squeeze in organising the Christmas lunch for the whole school and providing an audience for the infant nativity show dress rehearsal. On Monday Mr Cain started to explain all about animated storybooks and how important storyboarding was in making movies. We then had to make loads of decorations to brighten up the school dinner hall for Tuesday’s Christmas lunch. On the Tuesday we had to serve the WHOLE school !!! to their Christmas dinner before we got ours. We were STARVING. On Wednesday morning we got to watch the infant natavity show which was really good (it was called Whoops-a-Daisy Angel). Inbetween times we practised writing storyboards and made a kind of storyboard/comic on the laptops with comiclife. On Thursday we finished of our final storyboards which we are entering into the Poppy Scotland movie competition. We also read an animated storyboard on the interactive whiteboard called Angel Boy. We have started to make up our own stories to go with the animated pictures and we will finish these next week. Hopefully next week there won’t be much work and lots of fun Christmas stuff to do.

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