The masks are finished !

This week we finally finished off our Brazilian lion masks – finishing off the mane, adding detail around the face and decorating them with glitter and sequins to make them look like carnival masks. In our hall slots we played dodgeball (if you can dodge a cold you can dodge a ball!). In language we started writing stories for the P1’s called “The Monsters Feast” which we hope the P1’s will love. we designed the 3D effect cover and the “friendly” monsters. We also looked at how authors write horror stories and made an emotion graph for one of the characters. When some of the class were at brass the rest had to design a display board for 10 postcards which could then be folded up. It was harder than it looked. In singing practice we were singing citizenship songs and Mr Cain chose – “I’d like to teach the world to sing” by The New Seekers, “We all stand together” by Nickleback and our favourite “Rocking all over the world” (it started Live Aid) by Status Quo because we got to do our air guitar. It has been a great week.

Alex M.

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