Africa In Motion

It’s been a really good week (especially with the holidays now). We have finished our Brazil topic and we made huts like the Amerindians live in. It was a lot of fun but the the cleaners weren’t happy with all the straw left on the floor. We also had visitors this week. Africa In Motion came in and showed us two films, made by Africans, and about Africa. Even though they had subtitles they were really good and we learned  about Africa. They also came with a real African storyteller who got some of us (even Mr Cain) to help play parts in her story. She was great. Before they came we did some work on Africa so we knew a little bit about Africa before we watched the films. In writing we completed the next page of our story that we are writing for the P1’s, and in problem solving we had to make 2min radio adverts advertising our P7 show. We also had our elections for new P7 responsible jobs like house captains, JRSO’s etc. The Eco Reps showed us how to make gift boxes out of old Christmas cards. [nggallery id=42]

Kaitlin (P7 blog reporter)

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2 Responses to Africa In Motion

  1. Ellis says:

    I liked the African story teller she was funny :]

  2. katie ramsay says:

    the story teller was really fun and really funny 🙂
    katie p7

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