Litter, Drama & Breeding!!

This has been a great week. Firstly it has been our turn to be responsible for litter pick-up around the school and each day a group of us has gone out to pick up rubbish from around the school and the woods. On Monday the drama specialist came in and we have started a workshop on “Shakespeare Stories”. This should help us with our P7 show too. Talking of that, the Script Writing team have completed the script and we have begun to talk through it as a whole cast. The Costume department and Staging & Prop department have made lists of what we will need. We just need to find the things or we will have to make them! We have started algebra in maths and are continuing our Monsters Feast stories for P1. We are also working on group presentations that we will be doing next week. The Baldy Bane Theatre group came in on Thursday to put on a show called “Better Late Than Dead On Time”. Although it was meant for the adults in the audience we all thought it was funny. The actors were very good too. The best bit of the week though was our genetics lessons. We learned about alleles by looking at Harry Potter characters and their possible children! We also did some breeding and made little plasticene monsters that all ended up looking different because of their genetic code. That was great fun. [nggallery id=44]

Cole & Finlay


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