Hiya it is Ellis and Katie

We have been busy this week with the first part our new project – The Dragon’s Den. We have started to make businesses which will have to make a pitch to Mrs McCartney next week. The big thing this week was our group presentations. We did these on Thursday and they were all very good. They weren’t just powerpoints but had loads of props, drama, quizzes and one even had some baking in it! We have been working hard on our p7 show (can’t tell you too much about that) by making props and and things.  We also had the second part of the Shakespeare’s Stories with Shona the drama specialist on Monday which was a lot of fun. The photos from the presentations are below if you want a look. Ellis & Katie.

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3 Responses to Hiya it is Ellis and Katie

  1. calvin says:

    the talks were great fun woo hoo

  2. Ellis says:

    I liked doing the presntations and i thoughtthey where all very good 🙂

  3. katie says:

    i liked doing and watching the presntations
    my group did marilyn monroe 😀

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