Oh No – It’s Parents Evenings !!

The parents evenings were this week but I think everyone did really well so well done p7!!!!!!! We were doing the sponsored silence this week to raise money for our school show. Amazingly everybody kept quiet for the whole hour and we raised the maximum amount of money. We read our “The Monsters Feast” stories that we have been working on for the past 5 weeks to the P1’s. I think they loved all the stories and we certainly all liked writing the them too. We also did some weeding and tidying up some of the plots in the garden and planted some wild flower seeds. We even got some good compost from the compost bins so that the other classes could plant their stuff. We have been carrying on with algebra in maths and we all find the inequations easier than the equations. We had a french taster from the lady that runs the French club, started to learn about the New Testament, had a happy assembly with the P6’s (we told them about our “be the boss” competition and they told us about their great egg race), we walked around the school for Sport Relief on Thursday and the winning group for the Be The Boss competition got presented with their “£1 million” cheque at assembly!

This is Michael and Robert, signing out!!!!!!!

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