1st Week Back

Hi everybody, it’s Robert reporting (again).  It’s the first week back after the Easter holidays and we’re all looking forward to what we’ve got coming up this term. We have just started a four week long project on Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol, and later on this term we are going to be doing: Keeping Myself Safe (part 2), Guitar Hero, P7 Show, The Ancient Greek Olympics, and Health Week.  We’ve had a short week and most of what we’ve been doing has been learning about cigarettes and the dangers of smoking. We’ve learned a lot about them.  For example, did you know that every cigarette you take shortens your life by 14 minutes! Cigarettes contain chemicals such as sewer gas, toilet cleaner, vinegar, and even a little bit of poison.  On Thursday, we had our first proper rehearsal for the P7 show without scripts and quite a few people were struggling to remember their lines after the holidays. Sorry, but I’d rather not tell you what the show is – we’re keeping it under wraps for now. [nggallery id=48] Once again this is Robert, signing out.

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