P7 Hang Around at the Glasgow Science Centre

One day we are at Ross High and the next we are whizzing over to Glasgow to visit the Science Centre. It was a whistle stop tour – no time for hanging about. Once we arrived we dropped of our bags and coats and dashed up the escalator to the 1st floor. We were able to run around trying out all the different hands-on activities – there were loads to have a go on. After 25min we had to go back down the escalator and into the big 3D IMAX cinema. We watched a 3D film about the Hubble telescope and space and there were lots of cool 3D effects. After that is was straight to lunch (we’d had no snack) and we were starving. We got a chance to go into the shop and buy stuff and then it was up to the 2nd floor for even more hands on activities! Finally we went into a lab (with real lab coats and science goggles) and we had to catch a criminal by checking fingerprints, looking at DNA patterns and doing an experiment with stuff found on the culprit’s shoes. It was a fantastic day. [nggallery id=53]

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  1. katie ramsay says:

    i liked the activities the best (:

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