Meadowbank Athletics

Teams from P6 & P7 attended the Meadowbank athletics tournament today and did the school proud. Each pupil gave their all against 13 other schools, many of them because of their size, having considerably more pupils to draw on. The teams competed in long jump, high jump, cricket ball throw, 80m, 150m, 600m and the 4 x 100m relay. Everyone had a great time despite the cold and damp weather. [nggallery id=54]

Mr Cain

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  1. Mia...Becky says:

    I really enjoyed Meadowbank it was very fun,cold!but fun and i cant wait till we try out to do it again hopefully i get to go to meadowmill. from Mia x

    i am so proud of Mia i have seen pics of her thanks to her friend that was taking pics and i know she is great at the high jump so i could tell she was going to do great, but i didn’t think she would come 2nd!! so i am a frind of the 2nd highest jumper in East Lothian. From Becky xx

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