Ancient Greek Olympics & Guitar Hero

We held an Ancient Greek Olympics at our parents open afternoon on Monday. After the opening ceremony – procession, opening speech and athletes pledge, the 5 city states of Troy, Athens, Sparta, Corinth and Rhodes competed across 5 different sports that were originally held at the ancient Greek Olympics. The only difference at the Pencaitland games were that females were allowed to compete and watch and that athletes took part fully clothed! First up was the 1 Stade (sprint), then came boxing, the discus, chariot racing and finally the 4 Stade (long distance running in full armour). After all that there was just time for the prize giving, closing speech and a traditional Greek feast.

And on Today we started our Guitar Hero topic. We are in bands and have started to design band logos and costumes. We also got a chance to practice on the game because there were some of us who had not tried it before.[nggallery id=56]

Jamie & Alex.


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