Day Two

Weather is not quite as good as yesterday but, after a brilliant first day, spirits are high even if the weather is a bit damp!

Today’s activities – indoor climbing, bush craft – shelter building, indoor initiatives, junk and nature walk.

Hi Mum its Amanda, having an amazing time. Been on 3G swing- it’s awesome, see you soon.

Hey mum, how is everyone?  We’ve all been on the 3G swing its AMAZING! I went to the top with Natalie (we screamed a little) on Monday it was really hot but today (Tuesday) it rained over night so everythings a bit wet, oh well its still soooo much fun.  Hope your not missing me to much, hugs and kisses Kara xxxxx

Hi mum its Orla, Missing you already. We went on the 3G swing so amazing loved it. Hope its all ok at home, say hi to Jacob and Duncan, don’t forget stormybobbens.  Lots of love, Orlaypops xxxxxxxxxxxx!

Hi mum, dad and Hamish I hope your week is going ok, cause mine is going great. I really miss you all give bouchallie a kiss from me Love you so much. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Love Molly!!!

Hi mum, dad and annoying sisters.  I am having a great time the 3g swing is awesome and the food is really good.  Love Jennifer xxx

Hi mum and dad I am having fun. Say hi to the rest for me see you soon bye. From Casey. xx

Hi mum.  Im having a epic time and I don’t really miss u but say hi to poppy Charlie Lisa Ashley dad and Lucy. Bye Joe

Hi mum and dad. It really is good fun the bus trip was quick missing tigger see you soon from James William

Hi mum, Daniel, dad, granma and granddad. I am having the most amazing time and I love you all mummy happy birthday for wednesday. From Kiana xxxxxxx

Hi mum, dad, Cole, Rowan, Toby and Bella. Yesterday I went on the 3G swing it was scary! I miss you all loads but not too much. Love you all. From Lauren x

Hi Mum, Dad, Hannah, Carys, Jonathan and Mog. Having a great time miss you all lots. Lots of love Jocelyn

Hi mum and dad, Debs February Rose having a great time.  Love Erin

Hi mum and dad having fun but miss u loads from Kyle 🙂

Hi Mum and Dad and Erin having fun at Kingswood tell Erin to go on the three G swing when she is at camp.  love from Ewan M

Hi mum and dad. I have absolutely no idea what to say so I am just going to stop typing now. From Felix

Hi mum and dad. I am enjoying camp so much. miss you from Jamie 🙂

Hi mum and dad I love the 3g swing and looking forward to zipline. Toby.

Hi mum and dad I went on the 3g swing from the top missing you lots. Ewan S

Hi mum and dad I went on the 3g swing and it was amazing and im really really missing all of you. I hope all of you are well. Love Hannah xxxx

To Mum, Dad, Nicole, Mac, Ollie, The Fish and the rest of the family.  I am missing you so much. I went on the 3G Swing and went all the way to the top. I cant wait to come home, but I will miss the Camp. We met our instructor Crazy Chris. He is really funny. Missing you so much, see you on Friday. For Tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night, Goodnight love you. Natalie xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi mum, Hannah, Rosie, Dipy and Honey. I got some pictures of me and my room on my camera but millions of pictures of everyone missing you all so very much lots of love. Emily.

Hi mum, dad, Ruby and Brody. I hope you are all doing well, remember Alicia, play Star stable on MY account. Feed Ruby well, I went in the 3G swing with Erin, we went the highest, it was so fun! We have done loads of Activities, the food is really really good. I’m missing you all so  much. Loads of love, Hollie xOxOxO

Hiya mum, dad, Euan, Charlie and foxy how are you I am fine hope your well. I went on the 3g swing with Hannah we went to the very top it was amazing we also built a den it was so fun. I tried a taco for the first time ever it was amazing it is so good. I will tell you more as the week goes on. Love Lauren.

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19 Responses to Day Two

  1. Patsy Spalding says:

    Natalie its great to hear you are having a fab time – I didn’t realise I could post on here!! We are all missing you but know you are having a fab time – looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow – love Mum Nicole Dad Mac Olly and fish xxx

  2. Rosie Baur says:

    Hi Emily I miss you so much I want to give you a big hug and you have to go to school and I am on holiday ha ha Hannah is in grumpy mood I want you to come home I am really sorry you won’t see me sorry I love you so so much xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Brenda Clark says:

    Hi Joe

    Glad to hear that you’re not traumatised being away from us and that you are having such a good time! 3G swing looks great, word of caution I’d hold on with 2 hands.

    The girls and dad say hi, the dogs are moping and very much missing the long walks you give them (not)! The cat and cb say hi.

    Keep on having a good time, hope the weather gets better, miss you but see you soon Mum x

  4. Myra O'Connor says:

    Hi Hannah

    Lovely to receive your message, we are all missing you as we’ll especially Pongo. Glad you enjoyed the 3G swing, so proud of you for doing it, you are braver than me. You all look as if you are having a great time. Auntie Heather, Uncle Bob and dad all say hi as well. Hope you have another good day tomorrow love you loads xxxxxxxxx

  5. Anne grey says:

    Lovely to hear from you & see you in Mr Kingsburys fab photos,the activities look great so glad your enjoying yourself,everybody back home says “Hi” !! Luv you xxxx

  6. Hannah Baur says:

    Hi Emily! Missing you so much can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug! loved seeing the pictures of you up the climbing wall you got really high up well done! keep smiling and have a great time for the rest of the week!

    lots of love
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  7. Mandy Ramsay says:

    Hi Emmy wow how far up the climbing wall did you get. Glad you are using your camera. Rosie says bye as she leaves tomorrow. I am so happy that you are having such a great time although we are all missing you like crazy. Look after yourself and your friends and keep smiling. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Celia Dean says:

    Hi Laurie Loooo! We are all missin you loads. Well done for doing the 3G swing, nothing could have persuaded me to go on it. It looks like you are having a fab time. Bella finks der is somebody missin and is wandering around lookin! She shredded the post again today grr…. Hope the weather is better tomorrow for you. Love Mum xoxox

  9. Lorna & Jim Gallagher says:

    Hi Jennifer, glad to hear you’re having fun AND like the food. Your annoying sisters say hi. Looks like you’re having a great time, enjoy the rest of your camp. Missing you. See you Friday. Love Mum and Dad xoxo

  10. Hello Primary 7, I would love to say that P6 are missing you, but in fact they are enjoying taking your turn on the Two Towers, getting the Quiet Area to themselves and taking your place on the steps in the hall. I miss you all though. Looking forward to seeing you all when you get back on Friday afternoon.
    Mrs Kerr

  11. Duncan says:

    Hi Orlypopssss
    You look like you are having sooo much fun!! So pleased you are getting to do so many great things. The house seems too quiet with you away! StormyBobbinChops was at work with me today running around and enjoying himself, so he is lying sleeping now. Tots exhausted! Probably a bit like you at the end of the day 🙂
    Love you lots

  12. Jillian Sneddon says:

    Hi Ewan, looks like you are having a fantastic time! It’s very quiet here without you. Looking forward to hearing about all the activities. Love ya! Mum xx

  13. Erin MacPherson says:

    Ok Ewan I’ll go on the 3G swing it looks awesome. Lots of love Erin xoxo

  14. Carol S says:

    Hi Hollie, mum and dad miss you, hope you are having fun, it looks like you are all having a great time. Brody has been shouting on you and he got mad when you didn’t come through. Ruby has been looking for you, she has learned something new and will show you when you get back. Alicia says thank you and she will 🙂 we look forward to your next update, love you loads xxxxx

  15. Liz Conquer says:

    message for Jamie,
    Jamie is miss you and love you lots, im glad your having fun, lots of love Jodie and Holly…meeoww

  16. Christine Henderson says:

    Hi Lauren H and all your friends!!! Wow, today looked fab, your shelter was amazing Lauren, good building everyone. I’m pleased that you liked the tacos, you will have to teach me how to make them when you get home. I showed Dad the pictures from yesterday because he didn’t get home till late, he said it looks fab! Euan says that he doesn’t miss you at all but I don’t believe him!!!! I hope tonight’s activity is fun!!! Looking forward to the next instalment!! Lots of big hugs and kisses, Mum, Dad, Euan, Charlie and Foxy Lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Gran Rita says:

    Gosh, what great fun you are all having. Loved the picture of you climbing Molly. Carry on having fun and enjoy every minute of your time at Kingswood. Love you Lots Gran Rita xxxxxxx

  18. Carolyn Hastie says:

    Hi angel ,it looks so much fun, glad your having such a brilliant time ! Buachaille is missing you, he has been looking for you all day !.We love you soooooo much and can’t wait to see more photos each day! you all look so happy lub ya x x x xx Mumster,Dadster ,Hamish ,B & Hilda ,Speckles x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  19. Wendy Strachan says:

    Hey Frodo! 🙂

    Looks like you’re having lots of fun…yays! The house isn’t the same without your wee chops so I’ve taken to playing One Direction loudly in your bedroom….only problem is I’ve no one to yell at to turn it down. 😉

    Love and big hugs.

    Mothership xxx

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