Day Two

Weather is not quite as good as yesterday but, after a brilliant first day, spirits are high even if the weather is a bit damp!

Today’s activities – indoor climbing, bush craft – shelter building, indoor initiatives, junk and nature walk.

Hi Mum its Amanda, having an amazing time. Been on 3G swing- it’s awesome, see you soon.

Hey mum, how is everyone?  We’ve all been on the 3G swing its AMAZING! I went to the top with Natalie (we screamed a little) on Monday it was really hot but today (Tuesday) it rained over night so everythings a bit wet, oh well its still soooo much fun.  Hope your not missing me to much, hugs and kisses Kara xxxxx

Hi mum its Orla, Missing you already. We went on the 3G swing so amazing loved it. Hope its all ok at home, say hi to Jacob and Duncan, don’t forget stormybobbens.  Lots of love, Orlaypops xxxxxxxxxxxx!

Hi mum, dad and Hamish I hope your week is going ok, cause mine is going great. I really miss you all give bouchallie a kiss from me Love you so much. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Love Molly!!!

Hi mum, dad and annoying sisters.  I am having a great time the 3g swing is awesome and the food is really good.  Love Jennifer xxx

Hi mum and dad I am having fun. Say hi to the rest for me see you soon bye. From Casey. xx

Hi mum.  Im having a epic time and I don’t really miss u but say hi to poppy Charlie Lisa Ashley dad and Lucy. Bye Joe

Hi mum and dad. It really is good fun the bus trip was quick missing tigger see you soon from James William

Hi mum, Daniel, dad, granma and granddad. I am having the most amazing time and I love you all mummy happy birthday for wednesday. From Kiana xxxxxxx

Hi mum, dad, Cole, Rowan, Toby and Bella. Yesterday I went on the 3G swing it was scary! I miss you all loads but not too much. Love you all. From Lauren x

Hi Mum, Dad, Hannah, Carys, Jonathan and Mog. Having a great time miss you all lots. Lots of love Jocelyn

Hi mum and dad, Debs February Rose having a great time.  Love Erin

Hi mum and dad having fun but miss u loads from Kyle 🙂

Hi Mum and Dad and Erin having fun at Kingswood tell Erin to go on the three G swing when she is at camp.  love from Ewan M

Hi mum and dad. I have absolutely no idea what to say so I am just going to stop typing now. From Felix

Hi mum and dad. I am enjoying camp so much. miss you from Jamie 🙂

Hi mum and dad I love the 3g swing and looking forward to zipline. Toby.

Hi mum and dad I went on the 3g swing from the top missing you lots. Ewan S

Hi mum and dad I went on the 3g swing and it was amazing and im really really missing all of you. I hope all of you are well. Love Hannah xxxx

To Mum, Dad, Nicole, Mac, Ollie, The Fish and the rest of the family.  I am missing you so much. I went on the 3G Swing and went all the way to the top. I cant wait to come home, but I will miss the Camp. We met our instructor Crazy Chris. He is really funny. Missing you so much, see you on Friday. For Tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night, Goodnight love you. Natalie xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi mum, Hannah, Rosie, Dipy and Honey. I got some pictures of me and my room on my camera but millions of pictures of everyone missing you all so very much lots of love. Emily.

Hi mum, dad, Ruby and Brody. I hope you are all doing well, remember Alicia, play Star stable on MY account. Feed Ruby well, I went in the 3G swing with Erin, we went the highest, it was so fun! We have done loads of Activities, the food is really really good. I’m missing you all so  much. Loads of love, Hollie xOxOxO

Hiya mum, dad, Euan, Charlie and foxy how are you I am fine hope your well. I went on the 3g swing with Hannah we went to the very top it was amazing we also built a den it was so fun. I tried a taco for the first time ever it was amazing it is so good. I will tell you more as the week goes on. Love Lauren.

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