Today’s activities – Mission Maker, Nightline, Junk & Leap of Faith, that’s jumping off a 30 feet pole and catching a trapeze – yes they are crazy!

Mission Maker – creating our own computer games.

Nightline – following a rope whilst blindfolded …

… and getting VERY dirty!

Leap of Faith – climbing up …

… jumping off to try and catch the trapeze …

… and being lowered safely to the ground.

Junk – creating music from anything they can find.

Evening Ents – Mini Olympics featuring egg and spoon race …

… and various other rather silly games …

… followed by hot chocolate before bed.

More from your children tomorrow.

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14 Responses to Wednesday

  1. Chaz p6 says:

    Hi Everyone, It looks like you are having a great time! I am so looking forward to the video game making activity. Looking forward to seeing you all next week, especially Ewan who I might see over the weekend. CHARLIE p6

  2. Bryony Martin says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Camp looks like great fun. Looking forward to seeing you (but not your washing!) tomorrow.

    Love, Mum

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Jocelyn, we are all missing you. Lots of very exciting news to tell you when you get home and something very exciting to show you once you’re home. Hope Anne of Avonlea is good. Have a fab day. It looks amazing. M,D,H,C,J,M,T,E,L,xxxxxx

  4. Rowan says:

    hi lolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how is p7 camp!!!!!!!!!!! bella misses you so much hope your having a great time lots of love from rowan

  5. Gran Rita says:

    Oh my goodness, that leap of faith looks really scary. I hope you managed to do it Molly. More excitement tomorrow for all you adventurers. Enjoy. Hugs from Gran Rita xxxxxx

  6. Cole says:

    hi lauren love you loads looking forward to hearing about your time bella is missing you too, hope you are having a wonderful time love you.

    cole x

  7. Celia says:

    Hi hun missin you loads. Todays activities looked terrifying! Rather you than me. Can’t wait to hear all about it on Friday. Loads of luv Mum xoxox

  8. Neil Hastie says:

    The leap of faith looked quite tasty – wish I could do it myself. The hot chocolate looked good too; well earned girls….. Hope you have another brilliant day tomorrow Molly. Love, Dadster X

  9. Anne Grey says:

    Hi James-William,hope you’ve enjoyed ur day ,saw ur photo from last night of the fire pit,bet u enjoyed that it was way bigger than the ones we had in the summer,Roy would have been well jealous !! Lol,uncle Stewart & gang are here,the boys can’t wait till ur back,Anastasia says hi &it looks like ur having fun,enjoy ur day tommorow can’t wait for the photos !!luv u xxxx

  10. Elaine Packer says:

    Hi Toby. We are enjoying looking at the blog and seeing all the activities you are doing. The house is very quiet, Elliot doesn’t have anyone to fight with! Enjoy the rest of the week. Love from Mum and Dad

  11. Shona MacPherson says:

    Hi Ewan – I hope Mission Maker was as much fun as you hoped…judging by the smile on your face it was. Lots of love Mum xxxx.

  12. Daddy D says:

    Hi Ewan.
    I hope you are having a great time.
    I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures.
    Missing you lots.


  13. Myra O'Connor says:

    Hi Hannah

    Looks like you all having another day off fun. I bet you are all in bed early as you shall all be shattered. Hope you have another good day tomorrow. The house is so quiet without you. Missing you loads and loads love Myra ,dad & Pongo xxxxxxxxx

  14. Christine Henderson says:

    Hi Lauren H and P7,
    Today looks and sounds quite scary!!! Did you jump off the big pole Lauren? Guess what happened to Aunty Christine today? She was cleaning her bath and fell in and broke her wrist!!! She is fine though! She wants you to draw a nice picture on her stookie when you get back!!! Dad isn’t coming home tonight so me and Euan are going to the chippy for our tea!!!!! I hope you are still having a fantastic time, I cant wait to see the pictures from the leap of faith, I think that it would make me cry!!
    Love you lots lollipops, miss u and cant wait for a cuddle, love Mum, Dad, Euan, Charlie and Foxy Lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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