Last Full Day

Today’s activities: Junk, Archery, High Equilibrium, Jacob’s Ladder, Environmental Art & Circus Skills. Evening – D*I*S*C*O !!!

Hi mum, dad, Erin, Darwin, patch and molly if she’s  there.   Had a great time at Kingswood Camp had some laughs with Kyle Jamie and Felix and guess what I went on the high equibliom with Ewan S. It was scary and Jacobs ladder looks fun.  I can’t wait to see you all again and my voice has almost  gone so best not to talk to me that much see you tomorrow lots of love Ewan M. ?

Hi mum and dad, Having lots of fun see you tomorrow from Jamie ?

Hi mum and dad I’m having lots of fun I’ve just been on the high equibliom with Ewan M from Ewan S ? :p

Hey mum hi dad and euan and foxy and Charlie, Hope auntie Christine gets better ok well we have just had lunch but before lunch we did some “environmental art” we also done some archery oh my goodness I got a bulls eye I was so exited oh and we are just going to the high equilibrium I will tell you how high I get I miss you all so much cant wait to here back love you bye from lauren

To Mum, Dad, Nicole, Mac, Ollie, The Fish and the rest of the family.  Yesterday we did Leap of Faith, I didn’t make it to the top but I gave it my best shot. Today so far we have done Archery, by the way I think I was AMAZING. Also we did High Equilibrium, again I didn’t get to the top but I got further up than I did on the Leap of Faith. I am so excited for tonight. D.I.S.C.O. See you tomorrow. P.S. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! From Natalie :-* :-

To mum,dad and pongo I miss you all so much and I did the leap of faith yesterday and I actually managed to do it I was so scared. Love you and miss you. Tonight we have the disco Love Hannah xxx

Hi,  it’s hollie. I just wanted to update on you guys. I had beans on toast for breakfast, chicken and wedges for lunch. I climbed all the way up on the high equilibrium with Erin.  I also did archery and mission maker yesterday. I’m missing Brody, Ruby and  you and dad (If mum is reading) also Alicia. Thank you Alicia if you are on my star stable account. I love you all loads! Love hollie. <3

Hi mum, Hannah, rosie and the animals, Love you all so much but seriously please stop calling me emmy it is so embarrassing because some people read them. Phone and tell rosie that I want to give her love you all I am going to try the high equilibrium see you tomorrow Love Emily.

Hi mum I have completed and grabbed the trapeze and gone on the 3g swing still to go on jacubs ladder high ecaulibrium and zip line. The food here isn’t that good from toby.

Hi mum, dad, Hamish and bouchallie. I am enjoying camp a lot, I am missing you all so much and I can’t wait to see you. The disco is tonight and I am looking forward to it a lot. I wish you were here having as much fun as me to. Lots of love molly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

Hey mothership, Alan, Sophie, Hannah and wee poochy man, I have had an amazing time so far we have done mission maker and leap of faith AND high eqilbrium were doing Jacobs ladder later and were doing zipwire on Friday (tomorrow) we have the disco tonight its gonna be amazing. Can’t wait to see you on friday some point, love you loads Frodo (kara) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey mum! Its Orla. Nearly the end of camp. I have had so much fun but I still cant wait to see ya! I have done the leap of faith , 3G swing and high equlibreum ! See ya soon. Love Little baba!

Hi Mum, Amanda here-I can’t believe you actually posted a comment on the blog. Done leap of faith-Amazing but couldn’t reach. Love you, see you on Friday.

Hi mum ,dad and annoying sisters. Have you packed my bag for Glasgow?  Did leap of faith, 3g swing it was amazing. I love you soooooooooooooo much Love Jennifer see you on Friday

Hey mum and dad cant wait to see you the leap of faith was really  I got the pole it was good tell auntie sally I said hi missing tigger  love James William

James-William ‘makes’ a new friend!

Hi mum and dad had a great laugh with Ewan m and Jamie and Felix hope to see u and dad and cooper love u all love Kyle

Hi guys its Joe your best friends camp is epic miss you all from your no1 friend Joe xxx

Hi mum and dad. I’m missing you loads. bye From Felix .

Hi Mum, Dad, Cole, Rowan, Toby and Bella, yesterday I did the leap of faith ahhhh. Well I got about half way. And I made a deal with Mrs Ross so she has to go on the zipwire tomorrow. Today I did the high equlibrim I didn’t go that high! I got the messages thanks.I miss you all too. Espesily Bella! Love you loads from Lauren xxxxxx

Hi mum,dad,Daniel and pipsqeek, I miss you all and I am exited to see the new car I will  see you all very soon. We all done archery and are getting ready to do the high equlibrim wich is like a giant seasaw . I cant wait to see you all  and mummy I hope you had a grait birthday but oviousley it would have been better if I was there. Bye from kiana xxx

Hi Mum, Dad, Hannah Carys, Jonathan and Mog, Missing you all Lots. I hope the for sale sign is up. Plus I heard that our house was under offer. That’s great!!!!!!! Love you all loads Jocelyn xxx ooo

Hi mum, i have missed you so much.I went on all the high things. Love Erin

Hi mum and dad see you soon bye. Love Casey

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13 Responses to Last Full Day

  1. Yvonne Schmitt says:

    The pics are fantastic, looks like you all had a fabby time at the disco!! Pity i couldnt have been there to do the “embarassing mummy” dance heehee….cant wait to see you Kiana, house is so quiet without you and pippers hasnt been out her cage since you been away 🙁 Few hours now. Safe journey back P7 and well done Mr Kingsbury and Mrs Elder!! xx

  2. Carol S says:

    Hi Hollie sounds like you are having a brilliant time! well done on climbing to the top of the equilibrium, you’re so brave! the food sounds yummy 🙂 everyone is missing you, I’d say the house is quiet but Alicia is making enough noise for you too, you know how noisy she can be! Ruby misses you that much she has decided to sleep in your room. I’m sure you don’t mind… we look forward to hearing all about what you’ve been up to, have a great time at the disco, use some of Brody’s dance moves he showed you 😉 love you loads mum, dad, Alicia, Brody and Ruby xoxoxox

  3. 1D dad says:

    Hi Kaz, good to see you have had a great time. Looks like you have been doing some exciting things….I hope you enjoyed your disco tonight and we all look forward to seeing you very soon. It’s been strange not seeing your wee ugly mug on Facebook this week… ID fact for today is All the ID boys have been worried all week as they think you are poorly because the 1D twitter account has been quiet since Monday…. Enjoy the rest of your Stay Kaz and wee will see you soon… Xxxxxxxxxxx love 1DDad..:-)

  4. Lorna & Jim says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Sounds like you’ve been a lot more courageous than Mum would have been. Hope you enjoyed your disco. Have fun on your last morning. Can’t wait to hear all about the camp. See you Friday afternoon. Love you lots. Mum & Dad xxx

  5. Myra O'Connor says:

    Hi Hannah

    Looks like you all had another great day. Well done for completing the Leap of Faith, you are much braver than me. So proud of you. I was at cousin Paul’s graduation today and also saw Nicole as well so you can tell Nat. We have been to see Auntie Tricia tonight so she was asking why you where not there and she was happy to hear you all having a good time and she looks forward to hearing all bout it when you come home. Like everyone else our house is so quiet without you. Auntie Heather is missing you greatly and she can’t wait to hear about all your adventures. Hope you all had a great time at the disco tonight. Enjoy your last morning of activities tomorrow and can’t wait to see you when you arrive home. Love and miss you loads mum,dad and Pongo xxx

  6. Celia says:

    Hi hun bella didn’t eat the post today! woohoo! I thinks she may have figured out you are missing. She has spent a lot of time in your room. Just contemplating. We all miss you loads and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. It has been really weird without you here. Hope you are doing some groovie moooves at the disco, you know like I showed you, not! luv mum xx

  7. Gran Rita says:

    Hello Molly. I can hardly believe your week at Kingswood is drawing to a close. You look so happy and I hope you enjoy the Disco. Have a Good journey home to-morrow and I’ll speak to you soon. All our Love. Gran and Papa. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. ((((((()))))))))))

  8. Sophie Strachan says:

    Hello Kara, been a very quiet week without you at the house. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! The pictures are great, looks like you’re having a really good time! Wish you had snuck me in your case!! Have a good time at the disco, you can put some of our dance moves to the test! Have fun, love you Xx

  9. Carolyn Hastie says:

    Hi mollster, You’ve had a busy day and it looks fabby!!!! Hope you all have enough energy to dance – get Mr Kingsbury to show you some moves !!! See you tomorrow. lub ya so much x x x Mumster ,Dadster , Hoggles and shnookums x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xo

  10. Christine Henderson says:

    Hi Babe,
    U and all your friends look gorgeous for your disco, I hope you do some gangman styleeeeee!!!!!! Sounds like today was fabulous too!! I cant wait to see you tomorrow and hear about all of the amazing things that you have been up to!! I bet you are exhausted!! Dad says hiya and he cant wait to see you and give you a big hug. Enjoy your last morning and remember to put all your dirty clothes in the binliner!! Dad says that he has got sweets for you, (you better hope he doesn’t munch them all tonight!!) See you tomorrow, love you lots lollipops, Love Mum, Dad, Euan, Charlie and Foxy Lady.
    PS. Aunty Eve got a hamster called Stanley!!!!!

  11. Anne grey says:

    Hey James-William, well done you on The leap of Faith,scary or what !?! Lol,everyone at The Steading says “Hello” !! have a good time tonight at the Disco,can’t wait to see you to tommorow,luv you millions from mum,dad & everyone else here too xxxxx

  12. Shona MacPherson says:

    Hi Ewan, that looks amazing! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about it if you have any voice left. Very quiet here without you. Molly here, Erin’s other front tooth has come out and dad’s hogging your iPod! Loads of love, mum, dad & Erin. Xx
    Ps…get Mr Kingsbury to add equilibrium to next weeks spelling test!

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