The 5 Pillars Of Islam

For the past two weeks we went into teams  and worked on one of the 5 pillars. The 5 Pillars of Islam are:

1st Shahada

2nd Salaah

3rd Zakaah

4th Sawmi

5th Hajj

The teams were-

Shahada: Natalie, Molly, Hollie, Lauren D and Kara

Salaah: Lauren h, Kyle, Ewan s, James-william

Zakaah: Erin, Amanda, Kiana, Jennifer and casey

Sawmi: Orla, Emily, Jocelyn, Hannah

Hajj: Jamie, Joe, Ewan m, Toby and felix

We got to share what we learnt at the end of the two weeks with presentations.  Some used powerpoints and other used a performance. They were recorded so we can look at them and work on our technique.

Here is a picture of our work:

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