Book Week

Angie TownsendAngie Townsend came and told us about her book club in Musselburgh. We all thought of words and put them on the board and went around the class playing ‘fortunately unfortunately’.

David TorranceDavid Torrance came to tell us about the Bible. He also told us about how he came to like books.

Jamie AndrewJamie Andrew came to talk about his story of how he lost his arms, legs and a bit of his ear and how he wrote a book about it. He also showed us how he can juggle.

Janet McKayJanis MacKay came to talk about her story The Accidental Time Traveller. She also talked about her other books about Magnus Finn.

These are the winners of the Scottish childrens book awards. Janis MacKay is the winner of the younger reader awards (8-11 year-olds). She got the award for her book The Accidental Time Traveller.

Moira CormackMoira Cormack told us about her story called The Witch of Land and Sea. We also played a game were we had 12 words and had to use them all in a story in 5 minutes.

ParachuteWe made parachutes and tried to get them to the ground the slowest. Mrs Taylor organised it and she got help from some parents.

ScienceWe accidentally had a science experiment about food digestion from two science teachers from Ross High. It was meant to be P5!


Our theme for Book Week was pirates.  We have been reading Treasure Island and making our own treasure maps.  This is some of us dressed up as pirates.


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