Our Adverts

This week we have been working on TV adverts to sell our products:

Super Scottish Bee, Bendy Nessie, Hairy Haggis, Scot-Wipers, Eye Spy Scotland.

We worked out what was in an advert: voiceover, captions, catchy music and acting.  We then made our own.

We made captions using powerpoint and then added a voiceover.  We then made our adverts and edited in the captions.  We had to record videos to make our advert more intresting, the adverts could only be 30 seconds long. It was a challange to get all the information in such a short time, it had to include our products, price, logo, company details and something catchy like a song or a slogan.

This week we have been organising and practising a presentation for our Dragon’s Den next week.  We all had to add something different and exciting to catch the Dragons attention. ,ach team has to show the advert we finished earlier this week in the presentation.

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