Schools Mock Court Project

On Thursday evening both our Pursuers and Defenders were in the Edinburgh Sheriff Court for their cases against Davidson’s Mains Primary School to be heard.

Both teams were fantastic! Unfortunately I had to keep moving between the courts as they were being held at the same time so I missed a lot, but I did see all of our witnesses and they were brilliant – coping really well under cross-examinations. Our solicitors coped incredibly well with the pressure and completely destroyed the opposition witnesses under cross-examination.


I missed the Sheriff’s summing up for our Pursuers but heard it in the Defenders court and she was full of praise for the whole team – awarding us EVERYTHING! I understand the other sheriff was equally full of praise for everyone but didn’t actually give any findings at the end.

It was a marvellous experience for all involved.

Finally a big thank you to all the parents/grandparents/brothers/cousins etc. who came along to help with transport and to support us. Both courts were full!

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