Camp Update

Following last week’s meeting here is an update for those who couldn’t make it:


If you would like your child to be given any medication at camp, prescription or non-prescription, you need to complete a form and give it to me with the medication  clearly labeled.  Forms are available from me or by clicking HERE.

Can they take mobile phones?

Mobile phones may be taken only to be used on the bus and only if they can be used silently (headphones or volume off).  They will be collected on arrival and locked up until departure.  It is only a 90 minute bus journey so they don’t really need them.

Can they take money?

There is a shop which they can visit twice where they can buy small souvenirs and sweets (not that they will need them).  Money can be given to me for safe keeping or, at your own risk, left with the children.

Can they take sweets?

No.  They can’t eat on the bus and they won’t need them at camp.


As long as they follow the rules, camp and mine, they will be given as much freedom as possible.  The one rule with absolutely zero tolerance is that no children will, under any circumstances, go into any dorm other than their own.


Below is an updated list of activities which now includes Canoeing and Raft Building (it was far too dry before!)

Problem Solving
Vertical Challenge
Raft Building
Burn Walk
Cat Walk
Challenge Course
Jacob’s Ladder


The Kit List and What to Wear checklist can be downloaded by clicking on them.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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