Primary 3 Wind Chimes

Today we made a windchime. We made it out of keys, coins, wool , pipecleaners and metal objects.  We put a dreamcatcher on the windchime and when we clanked the metal objects together it made a tinging sound. We are going to ask the nursery if we can hang it outside the shed.Johnny, Alexander & Miriam  

We made windchimers some of us made them with dreamcatchers but I didn’t I made a boat with oars and screws and seats.  Robert

 Me and Rachel threaded the beads onto the string. Caitlin 

We made some people out of foam to put in the boat.  Rachel 

I used sparkly pipecleaners and wrapped them around the sticks to decorate it.  Nicole 

I threaded some beads onto thin string.  Mark

We made a windchimber out of tinsel pipecleaners and Christmas decorations.  Lois

I liked putting together the keys and the bell. Isla 

It was fun when we put the pipecleaners on.  Tom

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