Primary 4 enjoy body combat

combat2.jpg combat.jpg When we did body combat we did punching kicking and things like that. We were all sweating afterwards.


Primary 4’s are completing a health week diary. We fill it in every day.


This week we have been doing lots of things for health week we did body combat

that is when you kick and punch in the air.  We did basketball and tomorrow we

are making fruit kebabs to stay healthy.


Health week is good for you because it anchorage’s people to be healthy.


In body combat we were doing a lot of punching and kicking we were all sweating at the end. Our teacher was called Stewart.



We did a basketball tournament on Monday and it was Trevalian v Winton v Spilmersford. Spilmersford won. 12/2.

We had a basketball tournament on Monday.  It was Spilmersford my team and Trevelyan and Winton. Spilmersford won. It was 11\6 ageist Trevelyan.


Tomorrow afternoon were are doing American football as part of health week I am really looking forward.  I know it’s going to be good.


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  1. I really enjoyed Body Combat but after it we all were really hot


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