Red Nose Day memories

Beat The Goalie
On Friday the 16th of March the primary sevens organised activities for the rest of the school to take part in. Me, Jack and Callum were doing beat the goalie and only four people scored all four goals into us. It lasted the whole afternoon and was really fun.
By Jack and James

R.N.D 2007
On Friday the 16th of March I was doing the quiz. The quiz was made for boys because boys made it but some girls won .We had a funny picture of Lenny Henry as one of our questions. It was a great success.
By Thomas H

On the 16th of March 2007 P.7 organised a fun day for the school. There was pin the nose, baby photos, beat the goalie and many more. We raised tons of money for Comic Relief and everybody had a great time. Our favourite bit of the day was when we got to go outside.
By Fergus and Callam

Pencaitland Red Nose Day
On Friday the 16th p7 made a big effort to make it a great day for the younger children.” We hope that the rest of the school enjoyed it because we sure did”. (Gabby) My favourite part was dressing up in my Donald duck slippers. (Natara) My favourite was dressing up as a cowboy! I was in charge of the baby photos with Megan and Heather. Gabby was the event manager with Fergus. The event manager had to go to all the different activities and make sure everything was running perfectly. The baby photo people had to collect photos of different teacher and pupils as babies and people had to guess who they are.
By Gabby and Natara.

RND 16 March 2007
On red nose day Bethany, Louise and Callum did Pin the nose we made it for the p1-p3. What you had to do was one of us blindfolded a person and gave them the nose then if they got the nose bang on Sponge Bob they got 8 house points. The best part was watching the children try to pin it on Sponge bob Square Pants. Everyone did a great job and they had great fun!

After we had done pin the nose in the morning Bethany and Louise went to a group and took them round all the classes to do treasure hunt, baby photos, dance mat and a quiz.

My favourite part of the day was seeing everybody’s faces smiling. It was a very successful day and I think everyone had a brilliant and energetic day.

By Bethany.

Red Nose Day
On the 16th of March 2007 P7 organised Red Nose Day for the school. They did lots of events like beat the goalie, guess the baby, dance mat, red nose spoon race and red nose treasure hunt. P7 had a good time doing red nose day. Stuart and Michael are going to find the total of the money soon .Our favourite part of the day was being in charge of the baby competition (IT WAS GREAT!!!)
By Heather + Megan

Red Nose Day 07
For red nose day Primary 7 organised a fun day for the rest of the school. This consisted of a red nose and spoon race, red nose treasure hunt, pin the red nose on the Spongebob, a dance mat competition, obstacle course and a beat the goalie. Everybody had fun dressing up though some people dressed up a bit different from others! We raised a lot of money also we had the money from the Wacky races which the nursery did. My favourite bit was when I got a sneak shot on the dance mat (which I was helping to organise).
By Graham

On RND we all had a great time. P7 were organising lots of events for the other classes. We have raised a good amount of money and it will all go to Comic Relief. Ian, Nina and I were doing the Treasure Hunt. It went fine but we had a lot of arguments! The balls kept rolling away which was annoying.
By Naomi

RND07!!!Hi guys Euan ‘ere! Red Nose Day was brill totally!! (Far Out Man!!)
I was in charge of the obstacle course. My Red Nose kept on rolling down the hill. Quality! To be honest I just loved it!!


RND 07 Dance Mat Competition
On Friday the16th of March, P7 pupils Madeleine, Hannah and Graham organised a Dance Mat Competition. Four Dance Mats were laid out on the stage floor along with
two PS2’s and two TV’s.

Everyone had a great time and raised a lot of money. The Winners were, in 1st place Emma with 20,500. In second place was Jevon with 15,400 and in joint 3rd was Eilidh with 13,500 and Jacob with 13,500. All the winners will get house points and the 1st place winner will receive something out of the golden box.
By Maddie And Hannah

RND 2007
Obstacle Course
On red nose day Ben and Euan were doing the Obstacle Course They had 4 classes. P3,P2/3,P2 and P1. I thought P3 were the best because they took there time on it and didn’t rush it like most of the other classes. The P3,P2/3,P2 and P1 were doing there activities. Then in the afternoon the P4, P5 and P6 did their activities.
By Ben

Red Nose Day was great. It was quite cold for us but it was still fun.
Lots of us were dressed up in red and I was dressed up in my pyjamas and my mum sewed on a red spot to look like a red nose. I was working on the red nose treasure hunt with Naomi and Ian. All of the classes enjoyed it but we lost a few of the red balls that we hid! Naomi and I enjoyed arguing on different subjects but it was all good in the end!
By Nina

The treasure hunt
I thought that the treasure hunt went quite well. I thought that the primary 3’s wouldn’t like it a lot, but it seems that they liked it. For the primary 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s me, Naomi and Nina, hid some red balls from the gym cupboard and hid them round a small area in the playground and they had to find them all and tell us how many there was (which was 8).

For the primary 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s, (who were in groups) we did riddles for them, and they had to find where the balls were and the balls had numbers from 1 – 8 and they had to write down what number goes with which riddles. Example: clue 1 was I am in rubber (which was in the tire) which was number 5, so they would write down, 1. 5. The first one back would get 5 house points. I thought everyone liked it, and it was really fun. I would like to do it again!

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  1. You all did a fantastic job of organising everything for Friday, Well Done! You are all just fab!

    Mrs R

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