Spring Fair


Saturday was the annual Spring Fair at Pencaitland Primary School. It was a lot of fun and there were lots of stalls. Despite the windy weather we can all say that the Spring Fair was a great success!
By Kirsty and Anna

Primary 6 have been making egg cups for the spring fair which we sold.

I made an egg cup.
My favourite was the bouncy castle.
By Charlotte Rees

At the spring fayre I danced two dances. I enjoyed the bouncy castle race and the cake store. But most of all I enjoyed the toy store. that had all the things that the school made. I ate a fruit kebab and an a ice cream.

By Jennifer

The spring fayre was very good. I liked the fire engine because there was lots of things to do. A falcon couldn’t stop staring at me.

I didn’t go to the spring fayre but I made an eggcup and bought it. I enjoyed making it and I used for my breakfast the next morning.

At the spring fair I was dancing and singing in the choir. I enjoyed it a lot. I bought an eggcup that I made and had a fruit kebab it was tasty and the eggcup is pretty. It was a great day.

I went to the spring fair and I was singing in the choir. I also had a go on the bouncy castle with my little cousin. I played a thinking game and won a packet of chocolate stars. I had a lot of fun and so did my cousin.

We thought that the coconut shy was fun though it was really hard to hit the coconuts so they fell of the stands.
RH and BEF

I did not go to the spring fayre but I made an eggcup. It got sold for £1.

I made an egg cup for the fayre its design included paint glitter

I made an egg cup for the fayre and animal cards my one was a cat. We also designed posters to put around the area to tell everyone that there is a spring fair at the school.

And at the spring fair I won three coco-nuts the three-D

At the spring fayre on Saturday we saw country dancing and went to the stalls. P6 made some egg cups and we bought ours. There were craft stalls, cake stalls, and toy stalls. There was also fun games like the coconut shy and splat the rat. It was great fun.
By Hannah and Olivia

Wet Sponges
Alex and my friend Rory and I were given the task of finding teachers/adults to get wet sponges thrown at them. Thankfully we found 3 adults to do it for about five minutes. When they had gone we volunteered to go behind the board and we got soaked.
By Finlay and Alex

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  1. i went to the spring fair as well it was very well done even thought we could not go in the marke .

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