P6 Hockey Festival

Yesterday we went to a hockey festival at Ross High and played on the astro turf. It was really windy and that made it tricky to play. Everyone had a great time and all 4 teams from Pencaitland (lions, cheetahs, pumas and leopards) all won more games than they lost or drew. Poor Hannah got hit a few times but always came back to play again.

Jack T & Declan (P6 blogging team for the week)


4 Replies to “P6 Hockey Festival”

  1. Well done to everyone who took part in the hockey festival. You all played really well – I enjoyed watching you.

  2. well done to you all. I remember when last years p6’s done the hockey festival. It was really hard and i think you done a Fantastic job. It must of been really hard for you to play in the stong winds. So once again well done and keep up the good work.

    From Cara-Louise p7

  3. well done all the p6 pupils that took part in the hockey festival it was really windy that day so i give you all credit for doing well


    from calum d

  4. hey p6 – really well done for all your hard work. Credit to all p6 you really done well in that strong winds!


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