P1 space project

In P1 we have started our new project about Night and Day. Mrs Kerr asked “Why does it go dark at night?” We said –

“So you know when to go to bed.”

“It goes dark because everyone is tired.”

This week we are going to be learning a bit more about it. Our reading tent is covered with balck material and we have torches inside it to try some experiments in the dark.

We have also been looking at textures in art work, and we looked at some sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy. Then we wanted to have a try!    We went down to the woods to gather some materials.   We brought it all back to the playground and spread it out to see what we had found, then we got creative!    What do you think?  This kind of transient artwork is very temporary so it was great we had our camera with us to capture the works of art.

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  1. You still have a lot to learn about light and dark! I think you will have great fun learning all about it.

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