P6 visit New Lanark

Yesterday we had a day off school to visit New Lanark as part of our Victorian topic. It was a long drive but we had our DS’s, PSPs and ipods to keep us occupied. When we got their we went into a victorian classroom with a victorian teacher. She was very strict. We had to stand to answer a question and say “mam”. We had overalls to wear too. We did handwriting, maths, geography and saw a crocodile !. We also did drill (marching) and had a dance lesson. It was different to school.
We then had a short lunch and then a guide showed us round Robert Owens buildings. First the mill workers house where the whole family had to live in one room. Bed, toilet (bucket) and kitchen (an open fire) all in one room. Then we saw a house about thirty years later. It had two rooms, electricity (but no switches), a toilet and a wireless (an old fashioned radio).
We also visted Robert Owens house (much fancier !) and the worlds first co-op. After this we went on a ride that took you back in time to see what life was like then. After this there was just time for a toilet stop and a visit to the gift shop before we were back on the bus and heading for home.
If you want to find out more information (and see more photos) then check out our class blog .

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  1. Your trip to New Lanark looked really good.Ihope you all enjoyed the classroom lessons cause thats what it’s like at high school(only joking) high school is going great but it’s a bit tricky to remember where every thing is though.
    see you soon Anna:)

  2. Well done George and Hannah for doing such a well-written post. I like the way you’ve used a good title that sums up your story, and described what the visit was like from your point of view.

    I’ve added links to the New Lanark site and your class blog for you. That’s quite easy to do. If you want words to become links, just select them, then click the “Insert/edit link” button on the toolbar (it looks like a chain link). You’ll then be prompted to fill in where you want it to link to, the “Link URL”. Just make sure you don’t forget the http:// bit!

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