More sporty 7’s!

On Monday we had our second rugby session, and we’re absolutely loving it! We get the chance to do lots of different activities that help us develop our rugby skills and also raise our fitness.

As we played tag rugby last year, this year we get to learn touch rugby. We’re enjoying how physical the lessons are but some of us are feeling a little worse for wear! Not because we get too tired, but because we keep falling over. We have quickly realised that in rugby, falling over is just part of the game!

This is some photos of us being put through our paces…

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  1. rugby was really fun and in our class its a game of falling in mud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think rugby is really fun and great warm up games to start off with. I had a really fun time taking all the pics last week. It was also funny to watch all of you falling over. I can’t wait for the festival.

    From Cara-Louise p7

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