Remembrance Poems.

P7 spent time on Remembrance day, remembering all the lost soldiers and writing Remembrance Day poetry. Once we had shared our ideas and listened to some famous poems we got to work writing our own.

We then worked together to make a huge class display of our poems.

This is an example of our work, with a poem by Rachel B and a poem by Eilidh M.

The men who fought for us now lie, In Flanders field where they did die. Once a place where men’s brave cries, Echoed round throughout the skies. It now lies silent, but listen now, The Larks are singing as people bow, Towards the graves of the men, Who fought so bravely way back then. By Rachel B

Falling, falling, falling down, My heart is set in Flanders fields. Flanders fields, o’ the bonny fields. They shimmer in the summer breeze, The red blanket in which I breathe, My heart is happy where it is, Set in Flanders fields.

Flanders fields, o’ Flanders fields, We fought with dignity, My brother and my father too, Fought with their hearts in two.

In Flanders fields we all fell down, In Flanders fields. By Eilidh M

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  1. What a wonderful and very moving unit of work. Well done P7. The poems and the display are fantastic.

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