The Bedtime Story

Last night was quite magical at the school. The hall was decked with fairy lights and moon and star balloons, seven soft areas were covered with cosy cushions, and beakers of milk and yummy biscuits were prepared. Then our Nursery and Primary 1 children arrived in their jammies with a teddy and a grown-up! We all snuggled up and listened to stories chosen by the story-tellers – and it was quite funny to see all the teachers in their jammies as well! As each story-teller finished the bedside lamps were turned off, and when all were out and we were just lit by the twinkling fairy lights, we all sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and then went home to our beds.

The evening was a huge success. We have had lots of wonderful comments from the teachers, parents and children and we are already talking about what we could do for next year, so we can include more children! A big thank you to those parents who have already sent in notes or written comments in reading records – they are much appreciated. Please keep them coming about the Bedtime Story and the Book Festival in general!

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  1. Congratulations to the book festival committee for organising such a fantastic event. The nursery and P1 children really seemed to enjoy the stories. It is great to see older pupils organising events for the younger pupils.

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