Thank You

The class reps are pleased to announce they raised £75 from their Kilts for Kids day.  This money has been donated to to Children First to support children in Scotland who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Last week a collection for Water Aid was taken at the afternoon and evening performances of Born In a Barn. The nativity show was performed by P1, P1/2 and P2/3. The eco reps and everyone at school would like to say a huge big thank you for your generosity to our Water Aid Appeal. We have been working on saving water in school and this made us think about all the people who do not even have access to safe drinking water and we decided to help. With your help we have raised £260.66 A twin tap for a village costs £18 so we will be able to buy 14 taps so far.  (We hope to add to this total with the offering from the Christmas Service.)

We all enjoyed the show and we know that other boys and girls will enjoy a better life as a result.

By Pupil Council