P6 Investigate Air Resistance

P6 have recently being carrying out investigations into the factors that affect how quickly objects fall through the air.  We also considered how streamlining is important in the design of cars, planes etc.  Here is a short video of how we got on – there’s more detail provided by P6 themselves on their class blog.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/SqG1vZgWYLw?rel=0" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

6 Replies to “P6 Investigate Air Resistance”

  1. I enjoyed doing air resistantsance and making our cars out of junk .
    We also made hot air balloons and used a hair drier to see how high they went.

    Sophie P6

  2. I enjoyed doing the cars out of junk and the air resistance. Me, Sula and Robert made hot air balloons, I stood on the chair while sula held the hair drier up and I held the hot air balloon up for sula to put the air drier up so the air balloon could float up to the roof.

  3. Wow, Primary 6! This is very impressive. I think you might all be future British Aerospace Designers. It looks like you have really used your problem solving skills and had some great fun too. Well done. (Mrs Scott, P1 teacher at Prestonpans Infant School)

  4. My fourth year class are doing air resistance and just loved your video. The umberella experiment was real fun!
    We all thought the hairdrier pushing the model cars was fascinating.
    Congratulations Pentcailtland P6 you have given us great ideas to help our physics. Superb!

  5. Thanks for showing this – you all looked like you were enjoying learning about wind resistance and having great fun at the same time!

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