Gardening Tip

The Eco committee have been busy recently thinking about what we should be doing in our school garden over the winter. Eilidh Wilson came to a meeting and we asked her about planting bulbs in our class plots. She explained that bulbs don’t like to be dug up or disturbed so it would be better to plant them in tubs around the school. This way in the spring we can plant more vegetables in our plots. She even gave us some bulbs to plant. Look out for these in the spring time.

Another day we went out to plant winter flowering pansies in the boxes at the front of the school. We hope these make it a nice cheery entrance for visitors. We checked the compost and dug out some to put it in our plots to feed the ground over the winter. It was a busy morning clearing weeds and old plants out. Poor Erin had to clear away a soggy pumpkin. So if you have a garden this is a good time to clear up all the dead plants and leaves and put some compost on top of your soil to keep it rich for the spring planting.

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