Feed The Birds

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It is difficult for birds to find food during the winter months.  Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 decided to help by making bird seed feeders. We used a mixture of bird seeds, lard, raisins and grated cheese to make a sticky cake which we then put into empty yoghurt pots.  We hung up our feeders on the trees around the school and hope that the bird enjoy our creations.

3 Replies to “Feed The Birds”

  1. The lard was really yucky but it was good to see them hanging outside when we had finished!

  2. What a thoughtful and caring activity to do. You all look like you were having great fun, and I am sure the birds were very grateful!
    Millie’s mummy

  3. Heather really enjoyed making the feeders. She showed her Gran & Granda how to make them to hang in their garden and wrote out the recipe for them if they want to do it again!

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