New Birdbox for PPS

Before Christmas the PTA bought us a new birdbox – but this isn’t just any birdbox, it’s a Marks and …. (sorry, got carried away there!).

Seriously though, this isn’t just any birdbox.  It’s got a built-in camera, powered by a solar panel, that transmits the pictures and sound wirelessly into the school where any of the classes can watch what’s happening.

Richard from the Ranger Service came out to put it up for us, ably assisted by Mrs McCall and members of P3/4.  So far there’s been nothing inside, but it’s still early.  Watch this space for news!

One Reply to “New Birdbox for PPS”

  1. It would be great to see some of those interior shots on the blog once you have a resident.

    Ralph & Sheila

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